Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just listen and enjoy my crystal singing bowls.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Where is the wax?

     I spent a good part of the day cleaning the floor in my bathroom, kitchen and dining area.  I cleaned it with a special cleaner.  It was very filthy and dirty.  I spent a lot of time scrubbing and getting rid of any residue from the old wax.  Then I wiped and dried the floors up with a large dry towel.  Finally, I put the wax on the floor.  Wax protects the floor from getting damaged by foot travel.  It also prevents dirt from getting into the grooves and indentations on the floor.  Plus, it makes cleaning the floor much easier.  Putting the wax on the floor is a step many people forget.  When they don't use wax; their floors end up getting dirty, worn and damaged more quickly.  Plus, it makes it much more difficult to clean. 

     Now, let's imagine that the floor is us, dirt is the negativity that we collect daily from those around us and wax is a protection that we put around ourselves daily.   We tend to collect dirt everyday from negative people and situations around us.  Every so often we have to clean up the build up of dirt.  Dirt is something we have to deal with in life.  Unfortunately, sometimes in life we may end up having a difficult time scrubbing the dirt out of our grooves and indentations because we have forgotten one step. We didn't put the wax on, which would make our life much simpler and easier to cope with. With the wax, the dirt from others wouldn't get deep into our grooves and indentations.  Also, we wouldn't have to be as concerned about collecting other people's dirt and residue.  If we do end up collecting anything, it would be much easier for us to get rid of. It's very important to have the protective barrier around us, like it's vital to have the protective barrier called wax on the floor.

     There are many different techniques in putting a protective barrier around ourselves daily.  People sometimes imagine a white light around themselves.  Let's try out a simple visualization excercise.  Start with a breathing and relaxation technique.  Then imagine that you are the floor in need of wax.  Visualize that the wax is covering your whole body.  Then say "I trust this process.  Now, I am totally protected from the negative situations and people around me. Only  positive and uplifting energy has an influence me."  Repeat this a couple of more times. Finally, go out into the world with total trust that negative people and situations no longer bother you.


Eric Breault

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What happened to living in the moment?

     We go through life living in the past and future. This wasn't always the case.  The first years of our lives we percieved the world in the present moment. The world had a vibrant and colorful texture to it.  We lived in a state of calm and peace.  The concept of time was unkown to us.  As we grew older, we began to learn to see the world in a different light.  We learned to live in time.  This was when we started to lose our hold onto peace.  The world around us began to look dull.  Experiencing every moment fully is no longer valued.  We started to value the past and future more than this moment.  Gradually, our nature of living in the present moment fell into dormancy.  Later on, we may have experienced glimpses of it on and off.  These glimpses would come at times of creativity and being out in nature.  We may have experienced it through gardening, artwork, hiking in the woods, fishing, watching the rain and the list goes on.  Unfortunately, experiencing the present moment totally in these times were always short lived.

     Yes, time has it's purpose in our daily lives. It's valuable when it comes to work, school and an appointment at the doctor's. The only thing, is that we get trapped into the emotional aspect of time.  We attach ourselves with the negative experiences from the past and negative concepts of the future. We hold grudges, get anxious about the future and so on. 

    The only way that we can start to experience the present moment more often, is to face the emotional aspects of time.  In order to let them go, we have to face them through meditation.  Meditation is when we focus on the present moment totally. 

     Start meditation with breathing excercises.  Tell yourself that you are getting relaxed with every breath. Imagine that every muscle in your body is relaxed.  When your body is totally relaxed, start observing and studying any negative issues that you have about your past or future.  A good example is to meditate on the grudges you hold onto.  Just feel the negative issue without any judgement or thought to it.  Then let it go.  Repeat the steps, if it doesn't happen at first. 

     If you are new to meditation, it's good to start 3 minutes a day.  I also think that it's important to start working on one negative issue at a time.  Take baby steps.  Then you can expand meditation up to 10 minutes a day and work on more than 1 issue.  Eventually, through practice you will have the ability to meditate up to an hour.  You will notice that your mood will liften after every meditation.

   Meditation is a journey to bringing yourself back to living every moment fully.  The more you practice meditation, the more peaceful you will become. Gradually, you will begin to value every moment fully.  You will also start to percieve the world like a newborn baby again.  It will feel like you have awakened from a very long and deep sleep.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Unconditional Love

We live in a world full of hate, anger and fear. Plus, there are many wars and killings happening constantly. Looking at all these negative acts being shown on the news and media, makes it look like we are in middle of doomsday. Seeing hate, anger and fear on our planet everyday can give you the feeling that there is no love anywhere on earth. It looks like we live on a planet full of cold hearted people. Thankfully, the cold hearted view of the world isn't true. It's all an illusion. In essence, there is a spark of unconditional love within every person and creature on our planet. Even a person who is a gangster, murderer and terrorist. The only thing is that they make the choice to shield themselves from seeing their essence. They would rather darken themselves with intense hate and anger. I call them souls who unplug themselves from their source. We all have choices to either plug or unplug ourselves from unconditional love. It's always there. Just open your heart and allow it to shine like our beautiful sun.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Facing Fear and Anxiety

     Fear and anxiety is something that we all experience in life. At times it maybe weak and other times very strong.  Fear and anxiety can be something locked inside of us for a very long time.   It often come's in times of intense stress or lack of sleep.   Running away only suppresses fear and anxiety, which  in turn creates stress in our bodies.  Holding onto fear and anxiety is like putting on a backpack full of weights.  The more you suppress, the more weight is put into your back pack.  This weight will lower your energy and wellbeing.  You will experience dis-ease from your attachment to the anxiety and fear.  This dis-ease you experience will eventually manifest disease.  It is proven that stress lowers your immune system, which is why it manifest disease.  So the best approach is to embrace anxiety and fear.  Look at these negative emotions and see them as a teacher that let's you know that you are not aligned with your true self, which is free from all fear.

     I developed a wonderful excercise to face fear and anxiety, which I will share with you.  Start with several deep and slow breaths.  Look at anxiety......fear and say "I know you are there, but you aren't part of me.  You are just showing me that I am not expressing my true self. I thank you for this."  Then send love and acceptance towards anxiety and fear.  Keep doing this until you feel ready for the next step.  Finally, take several deep breaths and say "I now let you go. It's time for you to go into the light and vanish.  Now, I am calm, relaxed and at peace.  Now, I am calm, relaxed and at peace.  Now, I am calm, relaxed and at peace."  If needed, feel free to repeat these steps over and over. 



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Healing Hands

Nearly a year ago I did reiki, sound and vibrational healing at a psychic fair in North Conway, NH. A woman came in with pain in her rib area. This pain has been around for about a few months. It was caused by a car accident. First I started the session with the sounds of my crystal singing bowls. Then I began to place my hands on different parts of her body and run energy out of my hands. During the session she sensed warm and loving energy flowing through her body. She also sensed a warm feeling in her rib area. She even felt calm and at peace. The session lasted for about a half an hour. I ended the session with the sounds of my crystal singing bowls. After the session, she gave me the biggest smile and said "Wow, The pain is all gone. This is the first time without pain in months. Amazing! Thank You." We didn't see each other for about 8 months after this session. We met again at another psychic fair. She approached me with a grin and said "Hey there. I am really glad to see you.  Guess What! My pain never came back since."

If you want to know more information about my healing work. Feel free to check out my website.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Flower Vase

Years ago in Mexico, I encountered a little girl with a yellow vase. I was walking somewhere in downtown Cuernavaca. I noticed her approaching. She was wearing a dirty dress and had no shoes on her feet. She gave me the nicest smile. Something hit me when our eyes met. It was her love, trust and innocence. She was holding a small handcrafted vase with a sunflower. I looked at it and my first instinct said "Buy it." I gave her the money to buy this vase. She was appreciative. We gave each other one last smile and walked our own way.

In our lives we encounter people from all walks of life. They may come into our lives briefly or for a long time. Every person we meet has something to teach us. This little girl with the handcrafted vase taught me something deeply. She taught me that we are all expressions of love and innocence. We may not see it, but it's always there. All we have to do is let it shine. Whenever I look at the vase, it reminds me of my own love and innocence.