Sunday, January 10, 2010

Facing Fear and Anxiety

     Fear and anxiety is something that we all experience in life. At times it maybe weak and other times very strong.  Fear and anxiety can be something locked inside of us for a very long time.   It often come's in times of intense stress or lack of sleep.   Running away only suppresses fear and anxiety, which  in turn creates stress in our bodies.  Holding onto fear and anxiety is like putting on a backpack full of weights.  The more you suppress, the more weight is put into your back pack.  This weight will lower your energy and wellbeing.  You will experience dis-ease from your attachment to the anxiety and fear.  This dis-ease you experience will eventually manifest disease.  It is proven that stress lowers your immune system, which is why it manifest disease.  So the best approach is to embrace anxiety and fear.  Look at these negative emotions and see them as a teacher that let's you know that you are not aligned with your true self, which is free from all fear.

     I developed a wonderful excercise to face fear and anxiety, which I will share with you.  Start with several deep and slow breaths.  Look at anxiety......fear and say "I know you are there, but you aren't part of me.  You are just showing me that I am not expressing my true self. I thank you for this."  Then send love and acceptance towards anxiety and fear.  Keep doing this until you feel ready for the next step.  Finally, take several deep breaths and say "I now let you go. It's time for you to go into the light and vanish.  Now, I am calm, relaxed and at peace.  Now, I am calm, relaxed and at peace.  Now, I am calm, relaxed and at peace."  If needed, feel free to repeat these steps over and over. 



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  1. Thank you Eric. Your insights are incredible, and I appreciate your guidance in accepting and releasing my own fears and anxieties. You've truly made my life more peaceful :)