Monday, January 18, 2010

Where is the wax?

     I spent a good part of the day cleaning the floor in my bathroom, kitchen and dining area.  I cleaned it with a special cleaner.  It was very filthy and dirty.  I spent a lot of time scrubbing and getting rid of any residue from the old wax.  Then I wiped and dried the floors up with a large dry towel.  Finally, I put the wax on the floor.  Wax protects the floor from getting damaged by foot travel.  It also prevents dirt from getting into the grooves and indentations on the floor.  Plus, it makes cleaning the floor much easier.  Putting the wax on the floor is a step many people forget.  When they don't use wax; their floors end up getting dirty, worn and damaged more quickly.  Plus, it makes it much more difficult to clean. 

     Now, let's imagine that the floor is us, dirt is the negativity that we collect daily from those around us and wax is a protection that we put around ourselves daily.   We tend to collect dirt everyday from negative people and situations around us.  Every so often we have to clean up the build up of dirt.  Dirt is something we have to deal with in life.  Unfortunately, sometimes in life we may end up having a difficult time scrubbing the dirt out of our grooves and indentations because we have forgotten one step. We didn't put the wax on, which would make our life much simpler and easier to cope with. With the wax, the dirt from others wouldn't get deep into our grooves and indentations.  Also, we wouldn't have to be as concerned about collecting other people's dirt and residue.  If we do end up collecting anything, it would be much easier for us to get rid of. It's very important to have the protective barrier around us, like it's vital to have the protective barrier called wax on the floor.

     There are many different techniques in putting a protective barrier around ourselves daily.  People sometimes imagine a white light around themselves.  Let's try out a simple visualization excercise.  Start with a breathing and relaxation technique.  Then imagine that you are the floor in need of wax.  Visualize that the wax is covering your whole body.  Then say "I trust this process.  Now, I am totally protected from the negative situations and people around me. Only  positive and uplifting energy has an influence me."  Repeat this a couple of more times. Finally, go out into the world with total trust that negative people and situations no longer bother you.


Eric Breault

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  1. Another awesome post Eric! I found that exercise easier to do than using white light; for some reason coating myself with wax was much easier to picture :) Blessing to you!