Monday, January 4, 2010

Flower Vase

Years ago in Mexico, I encountered a little girl with a yellow vase. I was walking somewhere in downtown Cuernavaca. I noticed her approaching. She was wearing a dirty dress and had no shoes on her feet. She gave me the nicest smile. Something hit me when our eyes met. It was her love, trust and innocence. She was holding a small handcrafted vase with a sunflower. I looked at it and my first instinct said "Buy it." I gave her the money to buy this vase. She was appreciative. We gave each other one last smile and walked our own way.

In our lives we encounter people from all walks of life. They may come into our lives briefly or for a long time. Every person we meet has something to teach us. This little girl with the handcrafted vase taught me something deeply. She taught me that we are all expressions of love and innocence. We may not see it, but it's always there. All we have to do is let it shine. Whenever I look at the vase, it reminds me of my own love and innocence.




  1. What an amazing story and memory. Thank you for sharing it Eric. Namaste, Carolyn

  2. I really enjoyed reading this story and I think a lot of us tend to forget what is important and special in our lives a great memory. You did a great job......Love Connie