Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Healing Hands

Nearly a year ago I did reiki, sound and vibrational healing at a psychic fair in North Conway, NH. A woman came in with pain in her rib area. This pain has been around for about a few months. It was caused by a car accident. First I started the session with the sounds of my crystal singing bowls. Then I began to place my hands on different parts of her body and run energy out of my hands. During the session she sensed warm and loving energy flowing through her body. She also sensed a warm feeling in her rib area. She even felt calm and at peace. The session lasted for about a half an hour. I ended the session with the sounds of my crystal singing bowls. After the session, she gave me the biggest smile and said "Wow, The pain is all gone. This is the first time without pain in months. Amazing! Thank You." We didn't see each other for about 8 months after this session. We met again at another psychic fair. She approached me with a grin and said "Hey there. I am really glad to see you.  Guess What! My pain never came back since."

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