Monday, January 11, 2010

Unconditional Love

We live in a world full of hate, anger and fear. Plus, there are many wars and killings happening constantly. Looking at all these negative acts being shown on the news and media, makes it look like we are in middle of doomsday. Seeing hate, anger and fear on our planet everyday can give you the feeling that there is no love anywhere on earth. It looks like we live on a planet full of cold hearted people. Thankfully, the cold hearted view of the world isn't true. It's all an illusion. In essence, there is a spark of unconditional love within every person and creature on our planet. Even a person who is a gangster, murderer and terrorist. The only thing is that they make the choice to shield themselves from seeing their essence. They would rather darken themselves with intense hate and anger. I call them souls who unplug themselves from their source. We all have choices to either plug or unplug ourselves from unconditional love. It's always there. Just open your heart and allow it to shine like our beautiful sun.



  1. it is so hard some days to see good. places of such deviate behavior it seems unbelievable. i go through so many days and maybe see 2 out of 50 people with the loves shining through. i understand why people unplug in such a harsh world. so for the ones still clinging to hope how do we just open our heart? i do want to i don't think i know how to anymore being harmed so many times.
    Eric you are an amazing person, please keep sharing your love and gifts. it helps people like us..